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Advanced design
VoiceGate has taken advantage of the latest technological advancement in call processing hardware and software design. The result is a compact, solid state, affordable AWARD WINNING Voice Processing System... The Voice Wizard.

At VoiceGate, we understand what small business demand from their communication system. The Voice Wizard is positioned to give your customers what they need at a price that any small business office can afford.

Solid state reliability
Solid state, flash based and diskless, the Voice Wizard has no moving parts to wear down and fail. This ensures years of uninterrupted service even under the most arduous conditions.

Proven performance
The Voice Wizard incorporates VoiceGate's AWARD WINNING VIP4000 software package. We've kept the high performance interconnects worldwide have grown to expect and demand from VoiceGate's call processing solutions and made them even easier to install, program and use.

Seamless integrations
The Voice Wizard is compatible with a wide range of major manufacturer's KSUs including offerings from Avaya, Toshiba, Samsung, Vodavi, Panasonic, and Comdial.

Designed for small business
The affordable Voice Wizard has all the BIG business features your customers demand including:

  • Search by last name
  • 2-4 ports
  • 30-60 mailboxes
  • 2.75 hrs of storage
  • Optional upgrade to 8 hours
  • Search by last name
  • 2-4 ports
  • 30-60 mailboxes
  • 2.75 hrs of storage
  • Optional upgrade to 8 hours

*Phone system dependant

  • Voice mail system designed for the small office, home office market
  • Voice Wizard includes: voice mail, automated attendant, IVR tree (10x7 levels), 1 tenant
  • Solid state (no moving parts) with flash-based memory
  • Integrates through analog station ports
  • Programmed through a touchtone telephone or computer terminal


  • Alternate Personal Greeting
  • Audiotex
  • Automated Attendant
  • Automated Attendant & Voice Mail Reports
  • Automated Extension Change
  • Automated Overhead Pre/Post Paging
  • Automatic Day/ Night Mode
  • Automatic Station Log On
  • Broadcast Message
  • Bulletin Board
  • Busy Greeting
  • Busy On Hold
  • Call Queuing by Extension
  • Call Screening
  • Cascading Message Notification (5)
  • Certified Delivery
  • Class of Service (10)
  • Company Directory
  • Custom Call Routing (10 x 7 Levels)
  • Default Programming
  • Delivery Option
  • Departmental Greeting
  • Display Prompts
  • Distribution List (10 x 20)
  • Express Messaging
  • Fax Detection
  • Flexible Business Hours
  • Flexible Line Ringing
  • Forward with or without comments
  • Future Message Delivery
  • General Delivery Mailbox
  • Guest Mailboxes
  • Holiday Greetings (15)
  • Information Mailboxes
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Interruptible Prompts
  • Listen to discarded messages
  • Mailbox Initialization Prompting
  • Mailbox Re-set
  • Message Confirmation
  • Message Copy to another mailbox
  • Message Envelope
  • Message Retrieval (FIFO/LIFO)
  • Message Waiting Indication
  • Modem Bridge
  • Multilingual Prompts
  • Multiple Access
  • Multiple Company Greetings
  • Multiple Extension Access
  • Multiple Personal Greetings
  • Name Confirmation
  • On Line Programming Changes
  • Operator Access
  • Pager Notification (5) (with phone no. displayed)
  • Passcode (user-definable)
  • Pause a Message
  • Personal Assistant
  • Personnel Directory
  • Pre/Post Call Redirect (External Transfer)
  • Primary Personal Greeting
  • Private Messages
  • Programmable Per Port
  • Real Time Display of Line Status
  • Real Time Message Inventory Status
  • Record a Conversation
  • Record All Conversations (Call Logging)
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Administration
  • Reply by Message
  • Report Daily/Monthly
  • Save Messages
  • Skip Forward/Backward
  • Simple System Programming
  • Standard Greetings (8)
  • Stripped Down Mailbox
  • Subscriber Access
  • Supervised/Blind Transfer
  • System Admin. (telephone)
  • Tenanting (1)
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Timed Delete Time of Day/Company Greeting
  • Two Passcode Levels (Administration)
  • Universal PortsUrgent/ Private Message Designation
  • User Definable Call Forwarding
  • Voice Mail

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